October 7, 2012

If Chavez Loses, Will He Go?

Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez, Miami Herald

AP Photo

If Venezuelans can agree on anything, it is that they find it hard to imagine a scenario in which a defeated President Chávez peacefully hands over power. To many, this stems from a sincere belief that the charismatic populist leader, armed with the full resources of the state and still beloved by much of the country, would never actually lose a popular election. Others find it hard to imagine that Chávez, who once famously vowed to defend his revolution with his life, would ever willingly step aside.

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The election has a geopolitical significance well beyond Venezuela. The continent’s politically predominant left has polarised between supporters of a Chávez-Castro axis, encouraged by Venezuelan oil money and Cuban doctors,... more ››
October 5, 2012
Win or Lose, Capriles May Win
Andres Oppenheimer, Miami Herald
If Capriles gets close to 50 percent of the vote, he will play his cards well, and will not allow his political momentum to evaporate. He is not likely to cry fraud if he loses by a margin that he can’t dispute, because doing... more ››
October 5, 2012
Hugo Chavez Might Actually Lose
Francisco Toro, The New Republic
The presidential election in Venezuela this Sunday really shouldn’t be this close. Counting on his legendary charisma and a dizzying oil boom that has brought nearly $1 trillion into state coffers during his tenure, Hugo... more ››
October 5, 2012
Decision Time for Hugo Chavez
John Graham, Globe and Mail
for the first time as President, you face an opposition leader, Henrique Capriles, who might possibly defeat you in the Oct. 7 election. Unlike the campaign playing field, which you have tilted sharply in your favour, you have... more ››
October 5, 2012
In Venezuela, Everything's in Play
Juan Nagel, Foreign Policy
This Sunday's presidential election between Chávez and challenger Henrique Capriles is crucial for the country, as any victory is bound to have lasting consequences. If Chávez were to triumph in the polls, Venezuelans would... more ››