October 7, 2012

Using Hate to Challenge Modernism

Praveen Swami, The Hindu

AP Photo

The recent violence over an anti-Islam film is part of a wider clash with the idea of the modern republic.

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October 1, 2012
Muslim Rage Is About Politics, Not Religion
Husain Haqqani, Newsweek
Such well-organized manipulation of sentiment belies the notion that orchestrated protests are spontaneous expressions of Muslim rage. Like followers of any other religion, Muslims do not like insults to their faith or to... more ››
October 2, 2012
Western Double Standards and Free Speech
Hussein Ibish, NOW Lebanon
Muslim advocates of a global "blasphemy" ban are right that efforts to restrict "hate speech" undermine Western claims about free expression and raise the issue of double standards. But the answer isn't to extend such... more ››
October 3, 2012
Could Muslim Rage Spur Growth?
Meghan O'Sullivan, Bloomberg
One way in which the recent upheaval might have a lasting effect is on how freedom of speech is (or isn’t) respected in the new Middle East. Last week we witnessed a serious exchange of views on the subject among world leaders... more ››
September 25, 2012
India Is Part of Upside-Down World
Gideon Rachman, Financial Times
The highway leading out of Delhi is lined with adverts for new housing developments with names such as “Exotica Dreamville”. A typical hoarding shows a smiling young couple, standing on a manicured lawn, under the slogan:... more ››
October 7, 2012
What Abe's Return Means for India-Japan Ties
Vicky Tuke, The Diplomat
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