October 8, 2012

Afghanistan: Beating a Retreat

The Guardian, The Guardian

AP Photo

It comes as no surprise to learn that conditions on the ground are, on some counts, worsening.

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October 4, 2012
Looking Beyond the Afghan Dead End
David Ignatius, Washington Post
While the overlooked war in Afghanistan grinds on, a group of officials in Washington, Kabul and Islamabad are exploring a bare-bones strategy that would narrow each side's demands to a set of minimum conditions for escaping the... more ››
October 3, 2012
Twilight for America in Afghanistan
HDS Greenway, Global Post
If you read the US Kabul Embassy press releases, as I do, you get an unintended picture of a mission in torment. "The US Embassy condemns, in the strongest possible terms," reads a recent release, "the suicide bombing that took... more ››
October 2, 2012
Behind the Afghan Insider Attacks
Dyrud & Moradian, Foreign Policy
Eleven years into the U.S. war in Afghanistan, both Americans and Afghans seem to be left with more questions than answers. In just the past few weeks, the joint war effort has seen a steady drumbeat of setbacks: A disastrous... more ››
October 2, 2012
Is the U.S. Violating Pakistan's Sovereignty?
Art Keller, Forbes
It is precisely Pakistan’s lack of sovereign control over the festering mess of militant activity in the FATA that makes our actions necessary. U.S. policymakers likely wish that Pakistan’s “sovereign control” of the... more ››
October 4, 2012
China Makes a Move for Afghanistan
Andrew Small, Foreign Policy
Until recently, Beijing's policy in Afghanistan could be characterized as masterful inactivity: It sat on the sidelines of a war that it wanted neither side to win. But the late September visit by security chief Zhou Yongkang,... more ››