October 8, 2012

Europe's New Fascists

Niall Ferguson, Newsweek

AP Photo

Nothing was easier to predict than this: that the crisis of the euro zone would spark a nationalist backlash. Golden Dawn is not just xenophobic; it is also Europhobic. The same thing has happened in the Netherlands: there, Geert Wilders started out by attacking Muslim immigrants (and indeed Islam itself), but has more recently added Euro-bashing to his repertoire of his Freedom Party.

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October 7, 2012
Immigrants as Scapegoats in Greece
The Economist
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October 5, 2012
Neo-Fascism's Stunning Rise in Europe
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October 2, 2012
Blame 'Great Men' for Europe's Crisis
Gideon Rachman, Financial Times
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October 1, 2012
Will France's Conservatives Turn Far Right?
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