October 17, 2012

Did Ben Affleck's 'Argo' Nail Iran Hostage Crisis?

Gary Sick, Al Monitor

AP Photo

The American embassy in Tehran was attacked and its residents imprisoned almost exactly 33 years ago, November 4, 1979. The 444-day ordeal of the hostage crisis burned itself into the American collective consciousness. It was America’s first contact with radical Islam. It was our first televised foreign policy crisis. It was the subtext for Jimmy Carter’s unsuccessful reelection campaign. And it has shaped US attitudes and policies toward Iran ever since.

Ben Affleck has taken the essence of the little-known story of how six Americans took refuge in the Canadian Embassy in Tehran and given it the full Hollywood treatment. While a lot of it rings true, there are parts that don't. But hey, this is Hollywood, not history, writes Gary Sick — enjoy it!

Most Americans...

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