October 17, 2012

Europe Must Do More to Save Its Currency Union

Bloomberg, Bloomberg

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The battle to save the euro turns on one question: Can large governments, notably Italy and Spain, get their debts under control?

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Italy is a key player in this high stakes political game. Mr Monti deserves support for his readiness to think and act strategically as it intensifies. A great deal hangs on the outcome for all Europeans. more ››
October 5, 2012
Neo-Fascism's Stunning Rise in Europe
Barry Strauss, RealClearWorld
The past weighs heavily on us. That’s the message that I got during the first week of a sabbatical in southern Europe. Two incidents, one in Rome and the other outside Athens, showed this roving historian firsthand the real... more ››
October 17, 2012
'Breakaway' States Pose Challenges for Europe
John Bruton, Irish Times
However difficult this may be to accept in Scotland, Flanders or Catalonia, it might be wiser to agree to sort out the economic crisis first and then deal with issues of separation, and/or of rearranging national boundaries,... more ››
October 16, 2012
Europe's Separatists Gain Ground in Crisis
Taylor & Bartunek, Reuters
From the Pyrennean pastures of Catalonia to the heathery highlands of Scotland, separatists are gaining ground as Europe's economic crisis deepens, but this does not necessarily mean there will be more national flags on the map. more ››