October 17, 2012

Let the Palestinians Decide Their Own Fate

The Daily Star, Daily Star

AP Photo

Palestine's leaders should call the West's bluff and act only according to the interests of their people, regardless of the consequences. There is no use in heeding the caution being professed by the U.S. Palestine is at rock bottom. Holding out for a solution that will never come will not answer any of their problems.

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October 9, 2012
Hamas in Transition
Hussein Ibish, NOW Lebanon
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October 7, 2012
Is Hezbollah Planning a Drone War?
Alex Fishman, Ynet News
In the next war drones will come from the north in waves, and Gaza may contribute its part as well, as Hamas is working independently to develop its own UAVs. more ››
October 5, 2012
History Says Iran Far from Collapse
Alan Philps, The National
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October 16, 2012
The Israeli Who Sneaked into Syria
Michael J. Totten, Dispatches
My friend and colleague Jonathan Spyer sneaked over the border with the Free Syrian Army to cover the war against Assad from the front lines. He did it twice. And he’s an Israeli. more ››