October 17, 2012

Sanctions Won't Stop Iran

George Jonas, National Post

AP Photo

Few would have thought that the MAD world of Mutually Assured Destruction might seem like an era of sanity in retrospect. The period that created Dr. Strangelove restricted its nuclear club to paragons of predictability compared to today’s players, actual and prospective. To start with the obvious, if it’s acceptable for North Korea to have nuclear weapons (to say nothing of Pakistan, spawning ground and frequent shelter of the Taliban) how can the world deny nukes to any country? Still, most nations or governments agree that nuclear capability for theocratic Iran is so dangerous as to be resisted even in a world that acquiesces in such capability for the Kim family of Pyongyang. This is why, from Europe to the Far East, many nations participate in economic sanctions...

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The demonstrations that erupted on Oct. 2 in front of the Tehran bazaar were in reaction to the growing economic crisis and continued currency plunge in Iran (the rial has lost more than two-thirds of its value in the past year).... more ››
October 10, 2012
America, the Sequel
National Review
In so many theaters, the present administration’s policy has been opaque and withdrawn, rudderless and at odds with itself. By contrast, if Romney’s vision sounds insufficiently granular and nuanced for the tastes of... more ››
October 11, 2012
Iran Sanctions Aren't Working
Dina Esfandiary, Radio Free Europe
Sanctions have a habit of polarizing the population: those who support the government blame foreigners for their worsening economic situation, and those who do not, blame their government. But only up to a point. The most dire... more ››
October 11, 2012
'Surgical' Iran Strike Is Impossible
Heather Hurlburt, The Daily Beast
Senior Pentagon officials, Israeli experts, and outside military analysts have said again and again that there is no surgical strike option. Supporters and opponents have agreed that any strike, in order to have even a delaying... more ››