October 19, 2012

China Must Recognize What It Is

Ai Weiwei, New Statesman

AP Photo

The only way we can be successful, in China and in life, is through greater communication and wider awareness, in constantly questioning our standards and our conditions. You, as readers, are part of this, you are active members of this family, and you can be proud of that.

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October 8, 2012
China and Australia's Coming Divorce
James Parker, The Diplomat
In an interconnected world, “decoupling” is the idea that it’s possible for one country to avoid the transmission of economic pain from another. It holds that, although an emergent economy may have depended on its more... more ››
October 8, 2012
The BRICS May Not Be the Future
Antoine Van Agtmael, Foreign Policy
Until the beginning of the 1990s, Russia was still behind the Iron Curtain, China was recovering from the Cultural Revolution and the Tiananmen Square unrest, India remained a bureaucratic nightmare, and Brazil experienced bouts... more ››
October 7, 2012
Hotheads Feed Off of Senkakus Dispute
Hugh Cortazzi, Japan Times
Japanese nationalism, despite Japan's defeat in 1945, as well as Asian and especially Chinese resentment over Japanese aggression in China and other parts of Asia has never been totally quiescent. Its revival over these... more ››
October 7, 2012
China Hands U.S. Big Asia Win
Walter Russell Mead, American Interest
China isn’t very good at foreign policy; that is the only way to make sense of the apparent decision by a number of large Chinese banks to boycott the annual meeting of the World Bank and the IMF scheduled for Tokyo next week. more ››
October 10, 2012
Japan's Stealth Buildup of Its Coast Guard
Todd Crowell, RealClearWorld
Repeated incursions into Japanese territorial waters, as Tokyo defines them, is putting a severe strain on the Japanese Coast Guard, which is the agency tasked with maintaining Japan’s control over the controversial Senkaku... more ››