October 20, 2012

France's Apology Tour

David Bell, The New Republic

AP Photo

Is your president a socialist who has repeatedly apologized for his country? If you are an American, the answer to this question is no, despite apoplectic Republican claims to the contrary. If you are French, however, it is most certainly yes. Not only is President François Hollande a proud Socialist; this year he has made two high-profile apologies for France. This summer, on the seventieth anniversary of the notorious “vel d’Hiv” roundup of Jews in Paris. he gave a speech acknowledging the country’s guilt in the deportation of Jews to Nazi death camps, And this past week, he ended official denials that the Parisian police had carried out a massacre of Algerian protestors in 1961, and paid homage to the victims. The two statements say a great deal about...

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October 16, 2012
France to Ban Homework. Really.
Wall Street Journal
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October 18, 2012
France, Germany at Odds Ahead of EU Summit
Carsten Volkery, Spiegel
Germany has a clear vision for the future of the European Union -- but so does France. Unfortunately, the two concepts are radically different, and neither side seems interested in backing down. The conflict is set to dominate... more ››
October 18, 2012
Germany and France: Best of Enemies
The Guardian
Angela Merkel does not like to appear isolated on the eve of a European summit. And yet this is exactly what François Hollande set out to do in his interview to this newspaper and five others today. He suggested Ms Merkel was... more ››
October 14, 2012
Free Speech Dying in the Western World
Jonathan Turley, Wash Post
The very right that laid the foundation for Western civilization is increasingly viewed as a nuisance, if not a threat. Whether speech is deemed imflammatory or hateful or discriminatory or simply false, society is denying speech... more ››
October 8, 2012
Europe's New Fascists
Niall Ferguson, Newsweek
Nothing was easier to predict than this: that the crisis of the euro zone would spark a nationalist backlash. Golden Dawn is not just xenophobic; it is also Europhobic. The same thing has happened in the Netherlands: there, Geert... more ››