October 21, 2012

Seven Days That Shook David Cameron

Iain Martin, Daily Telegraph

AP Photo

It's been one of the worst weeks since the Prime Minister came to power. How can the Government get back on track?

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October 15, 2012
Cameron's Winning the Battle for Britain
Alan Cochrane, The Telegraph
The most common criticism of Cameron’s negotiating is that he has caved in over extending the franchise to 16-year-olds. However, the final deal means that only those on the existing register, and so nearing their 17th... more ››
October 16, 2012
Europe's Separatists Gain Ground in Crisis
Taylor & Bartunek, Reuters
From the Pyrennean pastures of Catalonia to the heathery highlands of Scotland, separatists are gaining ground as Europe's economic crisis deepens, but this does not necessarily mean there will be more national flags on the map. more ››
October 11, 2012
Why Would Scotland Turn Itself into Greece?
Jeremy Warner, Telegraph
A fatal financial contradiction lies at the heart of the Scottish National Party’s plan for independence. more ››
October 17, 2012
'Breakaway' States Pose Challenges for Europe
John Bruton, Irish Times
However difficult this may be to accept in Scotland, Flanders or Catalonia, it might be wiser to agree to sort out the economic crisis first and then deal with issues of separation, and/or of rearranging national boundaries,... more ››
October 16, 2012
Lessons for Spain in Scottish Vote
Gideon Rachman, Financial Times
Arriving in Scotland a few years ago, I was greeted by a poster boasting that Glasgow has "the latitude of Smolensk and the attitude of Barcelona". It was a vivid example of the comradeship and admiration with which Scots look... more ››