October 23, 2012

Will David Cameron Lose the Battle for Britain?

Alex Massie, Foreign Policy

AP Photo

"Stands Scotland where it did?" This is the question, asked by Macduff in Shakespeare'sMacbeth that now concentrates minds in Edinburgh and London alike. The battle for Scotland is also a battle for Britain in which the stakes could scarcely be higher. In two years' time, Scots will vote in a referendum to decide the future course of their country. The future of Great Britain (established in 1707 by the union between Scotland and England, each previously independent countries and awkward, frequently warring neighbors) is at stake. The choice is stark: reconfirming the country's commitment to the...

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October 15, 2012
Cameron's Winning the Battle for Britain
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Cameron Is Officially Rattled
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At last, Cameron Gets Right Message Across
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