October 25, 2012

Romney's Defense Plans Don't Add Up

Rachel Kleinfeld, AOL Defense

AP Photo

While the politicization of four American deaths in Libya has some of the media distracted, those of us who care about defense need to look past the hype. The "he-said, she-said" accusations on the Libyan tragedy are obscuring major differences between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama on defense spending and strategy.

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October 23, 2012
George W. Bush Won This Debate
Peter Beinart, The Daily Beast
Barack Obama didn’t win tonight’s foreign policy debate. Neither did Mitt Romney. George W. Bush did. Bush won it because the framework for understanding the world that he put in place after Sept. 11 still holds,... more ››
October 20, 2012
Reckless Defense Spending
Ted Galen Carpenter, The National Interest
In his October 3 debate with Barack Obama, Mitt Romney established a fascinating test for determining whether a spending program is worthwhile. Is the program important enough, Romney asked, to borrow money from China to fund it? more ››
October 12, 2012
Romney Wrong on Middle East, Defense Spending
Sen. Rand Paul, CNN
Romney chose to criticize President Obama for seeking to cut a bloated Defense Department and for not being bellicose enough in the Middle East, two assertions with which I cannot agree. more ››
October 24, 2012
Scaling Back the American Empire
Seumas Milne, The Guardian
The presidential foreign policy debate showed how close the candidates were – and how far from their own public opinion. more ››
October 24, 2012
The Neocons' Long Game
Matthew Duss, The American Prospect
Romney may have backed away from his party's most powerful foreign policy contingent in last night's debate, but don't expect the fuzzy moderate feelings to last if he ends up in the White House. more ››