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Austerity Has Yet to Come to Greece - Nikos Tsafos, The National Interest
Time to Get Tough on Iraq - Nussaibah Younis, New York Times
No Quick Answers on New China Leadership - Guy de Jonquières, CNN
Insider Trading, Chinese Style - Peter Lee, Asia Times
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RealClearWorld Morning Edition

Why Iran Wants to Attack America - Matthew Levitt, Foreign Policy
Romney's New Thinking on Iranian Nukes - Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg
Why Are U.S. Troops Still Stationed in Europe? - Doug Bandow, Forbes
The World After November - Javier Solana, Project Syndicate
Foreigners Observing a U.S. Election? - John Fund, National Review
How America Looks from the Middle East - Riad Kahwaji, INEGMA
Kidnapping Dissenters an Old KGB Trick - Victor Davidoff, Moscow Times
EU Crisis: Where Is David Cameron? - Raheem Kassam, The Commentator
Forget Europe: Real Debt Crisis in Japan? - Anthony Fensm, The Diplomat
Mo Yan: Frenemy of the Chinese State - Nick Frisch, The Atlantic
Manmohan Singh Must Go to Pakistan - A.G. Noorani, The Hindu
Development No Panacea for Mideast - Barry Rubin, PJ Media
Africa's Coming Youth Revolution - TMS Ruge, Globe and Mail
Daily Life in Islamist Northern Mali - Paul Hyacinthe Mben, Der Spiegel
Christians Persecuted Worldwide - Rupert Shortt, Daily Telegraph

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Time for U.S. to End Long War in Afghanistan - Japan Times
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Wen's Riches and Chinese Reform - Elizabeth Economy, China Power
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