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Two Candidates, One Foreign Policy - Aaron David Miller, New York Times
How to Hit Assad Where It Hurts - Hassan Hassan, The National
Oil Rulers Toy with Armageddon - Hossein Askari, Asia Times
Measuring the Strength of al-Qaeda's Comeback - Steven Metz, WPR
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Benghazi Questions Deserve Answers - David Ignatius, Washington Post
Obama Doesn't Get It About Libya - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
Churchill Hates Obama's Foreign Policy - Harlan Ullman, National Interest
In Russia, Anybody Can Be a Traitor - Andrei Soldatov, Moscow Times
Europe Should Meet Debt Crisis Head On - George Papandreou, CS Monitor
Britain Doesn't Need Brussels - Przemek Skwirczynski, The Commentator
Cameron Must Drop His Europe Charade - Simon Jenkins, The Guardian
Korea Must Build Support for Reunification - Sakong Il, JoongAng Daily
Chinese Watch U.S. Democracy Without Envy - Sebastien Blanc, AFP
Why Is Mexico's Drug War Ignored? - Ted Galen Carpenter, CNN
A Never-Ending Drone War - Micah Zenko, Foreign Policy
The Rise (and Fall) of Europe's Pirate Party - Jorg Friedrich, The European
Hungarian Leader's Audacious Power Grab - Keno Verseck, Der Spiegel
Time to Stop Worrying About Oil? - Steve Yetiv, World Politics Review
China Did Infiltrate with 'Manchurian Candidates' - Mark Sauter, RCH

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Iran Blinks, Just a Bit, for Now - Daily Telegraph
Syrian Rebels' Self-Defeating Infighting - The National
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