October 31, 2012

What the U.S. Doesn't Get About Egypt Aid

Thalia Beaty, The Cairo Review of Global Affairs

AP Photo

In examining U.S. assistance to Egypt, the United States will need to confront some uncomfortable truths about the militarization and inflexibility of American foreign policy in Egypt. To see U.S. foreign aid as a faucet that should turn on and off when the Egyptian government steps out of line with U.S. policy is fundamentally incorrect both in terms of how aid works—particularly in the current world economy—but also in terms of its understanding of the nature of the U.S.-Egypt relationship. There are significant institutional contacts between the two governments that are important to maintain for both parties. But considering the language of celebrated “joint accomplishments,” mutual interests, and studied agreement that is often employed, the U.S.-Egyptian...

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October 22, 2012
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October 30, 2012
Nasser, the Muslim Brothers, and the Veil
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