November 1, 2012

Kahlon Could Be Bibi's Nightmare Rival

David Horovitz, Times of Israel

AP Photo

If you were Benjamin Netanyahu, who would you least like to confront as your main rival for the prime ministership three months from now?


Would it be a former prime minister stained by one corruption conviction, on trial in a second corruption case, and facing a possible state appeal against his acquittals in two more? Would it be a political prima donna so undervalued by her own party that it ditched her after she failed to beat you in the last elections? Would it be a former journalist with some credibility in the field of social-justice activism, but no experience in matters of security and defense? Would it be a former TV news anchor with no political experience whatsoever?


No, no, no and no. The electoral threats posed, respectively, by Ehud...

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