RealClearWorld Evening Edition

Nationalism Returns to Europe - Nikolas Gvosdev, The National Interest
A Vote for Romney Is a Vote for Iran War - Jeremiah Goulka, TomDispatch
Barack Obama and America's Decline - David Goldman, Asia Times
Muslim Brothers Walk Over Obama - Eric Trager, Weekly Standard
Europe Misses America's Collapse - Jakob Augstein, Der Spiegel
Asia's New Naval Chess Game - C. Raja Mohan, The Diplomat
Why Revolution Can't Come to North Korea - Gabriel Mizrahi, Techonomy
Vulnerable Chinese Elite in Transition - Gwynne Dyer, Japan Times
America's Global Role Won't Change - Katty Kay, The European
Ukraine's Tight Spot - Menon & Motyl, The American Interest

RealClearWorld Morning Edition

5 Countries Where the U.S. Election Matters Most - Tony Karon, Time
How Important Is China's Power Shuffle? - Malcolm Moore, Daily Telegraph
Is China Better than U.S. at Picking Leaders? - Martin Jacques, BBC News
A Romney-Ryan Foreign Policy - Paul Lettow, National Review
Romney's Shallow Foreign Policy - Madeline Albright, Der Spiegel
Sunni Islamism Replaces Arab Nationalism - Barry Rubin, Jerusalem Post
Pakistan's Hot Nuclear Greenhouse - Praveen Swami, The Hindu
Ansar al-Sharia's Mysterious Role in Benghazi - Eli Lake, The Daily Beast
Putin Follows the Stalinist Recipe - Fred Hiatt, Washington Post
The Permanent Militarization of America - Aaron O'Connell, NY Times
China's Many Enrons - Gordon Chang, Forbes
Obama vs. Romney: Who Is Harper Rooting For? - Pierre Martin, The Star
Israel Doesn't Swing Jewish Voters - Amitai Etzioni, CNN
The Impending Syrian-Kurdish Conflict - Michael Weiss, NOW Lebanon
Australia's Place in the 'Asian Century' - Rory Medcalf, The Diplomat
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RealClearWorld Editorials

Euro vs. UK Battle Lines Drawn - Daily Telegraph
U.S. Foreign Policy: New World Disorder - The Guardian
China's Future Uncertain Under Nervous Regime - Chicago Tribune
Palestinians at the UN, Again - New York Times

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Obama Is Better for Israel than Romney - Jeffrey Goldberg
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