November 7, 2012

Welcome to Syria, the New Jihadist Paradise

Ayham Kamel, The Call

AP Photo

During their fight for the White House, President Obama and Governor Romney made clear they do not believe Syria poses a substantial enough threat beyond its borders to require direct foreign intervention on the ground. Take a closer look. Even if intervention is not a realistic option just yet, it's hard not to notice that Syria's problems have become its leading export.

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October 29, 2012
A Jihadist Group Prospers in Syria
Jackson Diehl, Washington Post
For more than a year, the Obama administration has been assuring the world that the downfall of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad is “a matter of time.” Yes, its own Middle East experts warned, but how much time matters. The ... more ››
October 25, 2012
Drones Are Not the Root of Pakistan's Problems
Michael Krepon, Dawn
The deaths of innocent civilians from drone strikes represent a small fraction of this carnage. The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) didn’t begin this reign of terror because of drone strikes, and they won’t end it if... more ››
November 2, 2012
Can the West Influence Syria's Rebels?
Tony Karon, Time
With the second anniversary of Syria‘s uprising looming amid a military stalemate that leaves President Bashar Assad still very much in charge, Washington appears to be trying to take matters in hand. Not that it’s... more ››
November 3, 2012
American Amateurism on Display in Syria
Rami Khouri, Daily Star
A famous American coloring shampoo advertisement years ago used the effective slogan, referring to whether or not the woman in the ad dyed her hair, “Does she or doesn’t she?” The same question can be asked today about... more ››
November 1, 2012
How to Establish a Moderate Syria
Trudy Rubin, Philadelphia Inquirer
One of the thorniest foreign-policy issues facing the winner of the election will be how to hasten the end of the brutal Syrian civil war that threatens much of the Middle East. I've just spent two days at a fascinating... more ››