November 10, 2012

Chinese Meritocracy Trumps U.S. Democracy

Zhang Weiwei, New York Times

AP Photo

THE world’s two largest economies are both revealing their next leaders this month, and this coincidence has been depicted in the Western media as a sharp contrast between an opaque Communist state and a transparent populous democracy. But beneath this superficial contrast is a competition between two political models, one based more on meritocratic leadership and the other on popular election. And the Chinese model may win.

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November 6, 2012
Chinese Would Love America's Flawed Democracy
Ai Weiwei, CNN
Americans should still be proud. It is essential for politicians and leaders to have open discussions about their policies, character, and beliefs. It is the key to public trust and understanding in an open society. I don't think... more ››
November 6, 2012
China's '$2.7 Billion Problem'
William Pesek, Bloomberg
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November 7, 2012
China's Alarmingly Murky Leadership Transition
Jonathan Fenby, HBR
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