November 10, 2012

Obama's Africa Surprise

John Prendergast, Foreign Policy

AP Photo

Barack Obama's victory over Mitt Romney could have significant implications for America's approach to countries ranging from China to Russia. But U.S. policy toward Africa was unlikely to shift dramatically no matter who was elected president this week -- a remarkable fact considering that nearly every foreign policy issue is cannon fodder for partisan battles these days.

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November 8, 2012
Five Security Challenges Everyone Forgot
Hayes Brown, Think Progress
As President Obama’s electoral victory continues to sink in, many have already begun to refocus on the many foreign policy issues overshadowed by the race for the White House. Most rapid analysis has focused on those items... more ››
November 6, 2012
Why Drones Were Left Out of U.S. Election
Ramesh Ponnuru, Bloomberg
The alternatives to drone strikes have costs. Ground operations would also cause civilian casualties and could put American troops at risk. Scaling back the drone strikes risks letting some terrorists go to plot more evil. But... more ››
October 29, 2012
U.S. Must Take Leadership in Africa
Stephen Hayes, World Report
It is hard to have an objective discussion on Africa in the United States. As a nation we are so ill-informed on what is going on in Africa now, and we remain divided on what should be done with Africa as if it is solely within... more ››
October 29, 2012
This Is Not an Arab Revolution
Agha & Malley, NY Review of Books
Darkness descends upon the Arab world. Waste, death, and destruction attend a fight for a better life. Outsiders compete for influence and settle accounts. The peaceful demonstrations with which this began, the lofty values that... more ››
Fundamentally, the problem is that the ANC’s system of internal democracy, which may have served it well during the struggle years, does not suit a modern political party that also has a mandate to govern. The party passes... more ››