November 12, 2012

Second Term Will Test Obama's Doctrine

Jackson Diehl, Washington Post

AP Photo

Barack Obama spent his first term undoing what he saw as the excesses of U.S. post-Cold War foreign policy, from land wars in the Middle East to insufficient attention to Asia. By his own account, he largely succeeded. But chances are he will spend his second term grappling with the flaws in his cure.

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November 11, 2012
Obama Faces Latin America Revolt over Drugs
Brian Winter, Reuters
President Barack Obama will face an unprecedented revolt by Latin American countries against the U.S.-led drug war during his second term and he also may struggle to pass new trade deals as the region once known as "America's... more ››
November 8, 2012
Why Obama Won't Punish Netanyahu
David Horovitz, Times of Israel
Early on election night, when the first projection for Virginia came through and put the state as “too close” to call, Britain’s SKY news did a drill-down of Virginia voters’ reasons for their presidential... more ››
November 11, 2012
Why David Cameron Is Happy Obama Won
Alex Massie, Foreign Policy
Few capitals welcomed Obama's victory more keenly than London. David Cameron may lead a Conservative Party that has traditionally seen the Republican Party as its cousin, but the British prime minister made little effort to hide... more ››
November 5, 2012
5 Countries Where the U.S. Election Matters Most
Tony Karon, Time
The level of interest in this U.S. election, is considerably lower than that of 2008. One reason for this may be that any global citizen tuning in to the campaign’s foreign policy debate would have struggled to find... more ››
November 2, 2012
U.S. Faces Hatred, Division & Political Collapse
Max Hastings, Daily Mail
Before it hit land, one of America’s innumerable southern evangelical TV preachers proclaimed Superstorm Sandy as "a divine commentary upon our sinful country". Next Tuesday, with the Almighty having spoken in a violent... more ››