November 14, 2012

Obama's Syria Nightmare

Thomas Friedman, New York Times

AP Photo

The scandal engulfing two of our top military and intelligence officers could not be coming at a worse time: the Middle East has never been more unstable and closer to multiple, interconnected explosions. Virtually every American president since Dwight Eisenhower has had a Middle Eastern country that brought him grief. For Ike, it was Lebanon’s civil war and Israel’s Sinai invasion. For Lyndon Johnson, it was the 1967 Six-Day War. For Nixon, it was the 1973 war. For Carter, it was the Iranian Revolution. For Ronald Reagan, it was Lebanon. For George H.W. Bush, it was Iraq. For Bill Clinton, it was Al Qaeda and Afghanistan. For George W. Bush, it was Iraq and Afghanistan. For Barack Obama’s first term, it was Iran and Afghanistan, again. And for Obama’s second...

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November 5, 2012
5 Countries Where the U.S. Election Matters Most
Tony Karon, Time
The level of interest in this U.S. election, is considerably lower than that of 2008. One reason for this may be that any global citizen tuning in to the campaign’s foreign policy debate would have struggled to find... more ››
November 11, 2012
Foreign Tests for Obama
David Ignatius, Washington Post
On foreign policy, President Obama effectively posted a sign on the White House lawn last summer that said: Come back after Election Day. Now, the moment has arrived and the world's problems are lining up for Obama's attention. more ››
November 6, 2012
Standing Back as Syria Festers
Peter Brookes, New York Post
Throughout the 20-month Syrian bloodbath, Team Obama has been telling us that they’ve been playing it low-key because they feared the crisis might spread beyond Syrian borders if we took a bigger role. Sigh. Even with a... more ››
November 9, 2012
Why Obama Will Keep Ignoring Syria
Daniel Larison, The Week
Now that President Obama has been re-elected, there will be considerably greater pressure on the administration to do more in response to the ongoing civil war in Syria. There will likely be increased domestic and international... more ››
November 13, 2012
Obama's New Costanza Doctrine
Seth Mandel, Contentions
James Monroe had the Monroe Doctrine; Harry Truman had the Truman Doctrine; George W. Bush had the Bush Doctrine; and now, the L.A. Times reports, Barack Obama will have the Costanza Doctrine. Or at least that’s the best way to... more ››