November 15, 2012

Different China, Same Rickety System

Julian Baum, Christian Science Monitor

AP Photo

At the Communist Party congress, outgoing President Hu Jintao made a frank appraisal of challenges faced by the party. But he ruled out any evolution toward a more open and accountable political system. China has yet to learn from South Korea and Taiwan.


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November 12, 2012
Japan's Nationalist Turn
Joseph Nye, Project Syndicate
While Chinese rhetoric is overheated, there is certainly a rightward shift in mood in Japan, though it would be difficult to describe it as militaristic. A large group of students at Waseda University recently were polled on... more ››
If China’s anxious elite wants to bolster its legitimacy, one approach would be to gradually open up the political process by encouraging truly independent candidates to stand for people’s congresses, and by allowing... more ››
November 11, 2012
China's New Boss
Jeremy Page, Bob Davis & Tom Orlik, Wall Street Journal
Xi Jinping has charisma, a common touch and a beloved pop-star wife. But can he reform a Communist elite accustomed to the fruits of corruption? more ››
November 11, 2012
World Should Prepare for More (New) America
Doug Saunders, G&M
The old America of force may have vanished from the scene. But people around the world would like to have a piece of this new America, the one that seems to be solving its problems. If Mr. Obama can sell it, the world is ready to... more ››