November 15, 2012

The Japan-China Spat Won't End

Institute for Defense Studies & Analyses, Institute for Defense Studies & Analyses

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The recent spat between Japan and China which erupted after the nationalization of the Senkaku islands shows no signs of abating. In September 2012, the Noda Administration in Japan purchased three of the five Senkaku islands-Uotsurijima, Kita-kojima and Minami-kojima-and then nationalised them. Beijing opposed the nationalisation and claimed its ‘indisputable sovereignty' over the Senkakus (Diaoyu in Chinese). It also termed Japan's unilateral move in nationalising the islands as illegal and invalid. Tokyo, however, asserted that the islands have been historically part of Japanese territory. It also alleged that China started claiming sovereignty over the Senkakus only after a 1968 UN Commission reported possible undersea deposits nearby. In the meantime, Taiwan,...

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