November 16, 2012

Canada Sure Could Use a Fiscal Cliff

Andrew Coyne, Calgary Herald

AP Photo

If we cannot have a crisis imposed upon us, we need something self-imposed: some means of bringing future concerns to bear on the present, some legislated curb on our tendency to spend now and pay later, some rule, some deadline, some fiscal cliff.

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November 13, 2012
Fiscal Cliff Puts U.S. Security at Risk
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In a world that still looks to U.S. leadership on many issues, despite what some say, our utter dysfunction on matters involving the basic health of our economy does not inspire confidence. Nor will the United States act with... more ››
November 16, 2012
Pentagon Will Survive Fiscal Cliff
Justin Logan, U.S. News & World Rep.
A common trope of hawkish foreign policy writers is that America took a "holiday from history" by starting too few wars and trimming military spending in the 1990s. The unsubtle suggestion is that this holiday caused 9/11. But a... more ››
November 15, 2012
Maybe America Doesn't Need Canada's Oil After All
Winnipeg Free Press
Gracious! How the future has changed! A year ago, the 2011 World Energy Outlook of the International Energy Agency predicted that oil imports by the United States would continue indefinitely but would decline. China was going to... more ››
November 11, 2012
Canada Looks to Lure Workers from U.S.
Ricardo Lopez, LA Times
In its quest to increase oil production, Canada is lobbying job fairs and air waves for laborers. California has become a prime target. more ››
November 5, 2012
Obama vs. Romney: Who Is Harper Rooting For?
Pierre Martin, The Star
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