November 17, 2012

Hamas: Nothing But Godless Killers

David Horovitz, Times of Israel

AP Photo

Who are these people? They are, as they showed on Friday, people with no compunction about killing absolutely anybody. In firing missiles toward Jerusalem – firing indiscriminately, pushing themselves to the very limits of their deadly capabilities – they showed utter indifference to the lives of their own brothers, sisters, parents. Those rockets could have gone anywhere. They could have killed anyone. They were aimed at areas filled with Israelis and Palestinians, with Jews, Christians and Muslims. So what.

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November 16, 2012
Another Pointless War in Gaza
Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian
All the violence in Gaza and Israel will do is sow hatred in the hearts of yet another generation. more ››
November 13, 2012
Living Under Hamas's Rockets
Gilad Sharon, Jerusalem Post
Spare them your praises about how "resilient" southern cities are - it's time to close your mouths and open your pockets. more ››
Israel is considering resuming its contentious practice of assassinating militant leaders in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip in an effort to halt intensified rocket attacks on Israel's south, according to defense officials. more ››
In the absence of any alternative leadership in Gaza, Israel would be better off recognizing that the deterrence formula has limits and adopting the mechanism of informal agreements instead. more ››