November 22, 2012

Hamas Emerges Stronger from Gaza War

Haroon Siddiqui, Toronto Star

AP Photo

Set aside the Israeli and Hamas claims and counterclaims. Ignore the speculation that Benjamin Netanyahu upped the ante in Gaza as part of his re-election campaign or that he saw a window of opportunity on Gaza that Barack Obama denied him on Iran. Look instead at the big picture. As part of the negotiated ceasefire, the Israeli offensive on Gaza has, of course, achieved promises of respite from rockets hitting Israel. But will it prove something other than previous counterproductive Israeli actions against Hamas, Hezbollah and Palestinians in general?

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November 20, 2012
Is This How the Israel-Iran War Begins?
Michael Rubin, Commentary
The Iranians often quip that they play chess while their opponents play checkers. Let us hope before it is too late that the Iranian regime comes to realize, despite its overconfidence, that it is not the grandmaster it believes... more ››
November 16, 2012
Another Pointless War in Gaza
Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian
All the violence in Gaza and Israel will do is sow hatred in the hearts of yet another generation. more ››
November 20, 2012
Israel's Just War
Jonathan Kay, National Post
This is the third time the world has seen this tragedy performed. Act I was in 2006, during Israel's Lebanon War with Hezbollah. Act II played out in 2008 and early 2009, with the first Gaza War. And now Act III is being... more ››
November 22, 2012
Israel and Gaza: Who Won?
The Economist
Even before the firing between Israel and Hamas had fully died away in the wake of the ceasefire announced on the night of November 21st, two new/old battle-fronts had opened up for Binyamin Netanyahu and his ministers. The first... more ››
November 21, 2012
The Myth of a 'Pragmatic' Hamas
James Kirchick, NY Daily News
Western optimists hoped that, even though Hamas came to power in Gaza through violence, the realities of governing would moderate its program. It’s easy to preach Islamic revolution from the sidelines, the argument went,... more ››