November 25, 2012

Our Man in Kabul?

Yaroslav Trofimov, Wall Street Journal

AP Photo

For the U.S. and its allies, Afghanistan is now a two-front war: a military struggle against the Taliban and a bitter political rift with the Afghan president.

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November 13, 2012
Afghan Warlord's Call to Arms Rattles Kabul
Graham Bowley, NY Times
One of the most powerful mujahedeen commanders in Afghanistan, Ismail Khan, is calling on his followers to reorganize and defend the country against the Taliban as Western militaries withdraw, in a public demonstration of... more ››
November 12, 2012
America Should Never Have Trusted Petraeus
Michael Hastings, BuzzFeed
The fraud that General David Petraeus perpetrated on America started many years before the general seduced Paula Broadwell, a lower-ranking officer 20 years his junior, after meeting her on a campus visit to Harvard. More so than... more ››
November 12, 2012
How David Petraeus Changed the U.S. Military
Peter Bergen, CNN
Historians will likely judge David Petraeus to be the most effective American military commander since Eisenhower. He was, after all, the person who, more than any other, brought Iraq back from the brink of total disaster after... more ››
November 13, 2012
The Petraeus Illusion
Jon Lee Anderson, The New Yorker
Americans love a good rise-and-fall story, and resurrections, too. Our history is made up of such redemptive stuff; it is part of our folklore, our very national essence. Just as Douglas MacArthur became our Second World War... more ››