November 26, 2012

Inside the French Foreign Legion

William Langewiesche, Vanity Fair

AP Photo

It’s the dark romance of the French Foreign Legion: haunted men from everywhere, fighting anywhere, dying for causes not their own. Legionnaires need war, certainly, and Afghanistan is winding down. But there’s always the hopeless battle against rogue gold miners in French Guiana . . .

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November 19, 2012
Time for France to Swallow Austerity
Ulrike Guerot, World Politics Review
Last week saw the largest general strikes to date against austerity policies in Southern Europe. In Portugal, Spain and Greece, but also in Belgium, public services were shut down for a whole day, with hospitals and airports... more ››
November 20, 2012
Forget Euro Breakup -- Think Euro Mutation
Thomas Mayer, WSJ
The likelier outcome is the emergence of two new currencies that will operate alongside the euro, creating a three-tier monetary union. more ››
November 20, 2012
Is France Really Europe's 'Time-Bomb'?
Simon Lambert, Daily Mail
Is France the timebomb at the heart of Europe? If it was possible to spark a diplomatic incident between a nation and a newspaper, this week's Economist just managed it. Probably the most influential publication in the world's... more ››
November 22, 2012
EU-UK Ties at a Breaking Point
Timothy Garton Ash, The Guardian
Beyond the predictable tedious horror of this week's EU budget summit, which starts tomorrow, what is the best Europe we can hope for over the next few years? There's an awful symmetry between the answers given by British... more ››
November 19, 2012
Europe Talks of War in the Middle East
Alex Massie, Foreign Policy
From Tehran to Tunis, from Aleppo to Benghazi to Cairo and now, of course and yet again, the streets of Gaza and Tel Aviv, the region is ablaze. No statesman, be he ever so powerful, can predict where the fire may spread. Far... more ››