November 26, 2012

Israel Is Fighting the Wrong War

Daniel Kamin, Chicago Tribune

AP Photo

Israel has been fighting the wrong war against Hamas. Everyone should be happy about the cease-fire that was agreed to and hopeful that it will hold. Yet Israel — and everyone else for that matter — has been playing by Hamas rules; it is a game Israel cannot win, and that is why some Israeli officials describe the Israel Defense Forces' own efforts as "mowing the grass," because no matter how short you cut it, the grass will inevitably grow again.

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November 23, 2012
The NY Times' Mixed Message on Gaza
Abe Foxman, Times of Israel
It has been frustrating lately, as an ardent supporter of Israel, to read the editorials in The New York Times. At a time when Israel was at war with Hamas and confronted with serious security challenges on several fronts –... more ››
November 19, 2012
Hamas' Miscalculation
Barak Mendelsohn, Foreign Affairs
To some extent, Hamas had a political interest in perpetuating the siege idea, which could be used to foment anger against Israel and drum up popular support. Further, it made sense for the movement to preserve some limitations... more ››
November 18, 2012
Ongoing Failure of Israel's Military Thinking
Yagil Levy, Haaretz
When military thinking is paramount, diplomatic possibilities are pushed to the sidelines - such as the assumption that sometimes it is worthwhile working toward bolstering the sovereignty of the rival. more ››
November 23, 2012
To Israel and Palestine: Enough Is Enough
Roger Cohen, New York Times
Another Gaza flare-up is over - for now. At least 150 Palestinians are dead. Five Israelis are dead. More bloodshed and scars have been inscribed in the 64-year-old conflict's Book of Unforgiving. more ››
November 23, 2012
The Gaza War Was Not Iran's War
Meir Javedanfar, Al Monitor
Apart from supplying weapons, Iran did not have any other influence. If it did, and Hamas was acting as its proxy, the latter would not have agreed to a cease-fire and instead done everything to force Israel to launch a land... more ››