November 26, 2012

Why Family Is a Foreign Policy Issue

Anne-Marie Slaughter, Foreign Policy

AP Photo

Helping women strike a work-life balance would change the world more than you might think.

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November 13, 2012
At China Congress, Women Are 'Scenery'
James Griffiths, Shanghaiist
The People's Daily, China's paper-of-record, has published a slideshow on its website, both in English and Chinese, of the 'beautiful scenery' of the 18th Party Congress. What is said beautiful scenery you ask? Women. more ››
November 18, 2012
Hillary and Libya
Wall Street Journal
Beyond the Benghazi attacks is the larger issue of the Administration's Libya policy, a failure that Mrs. Clinton should also answer for. At the start of the Libya uprising, Washington hid behind the U.N. Security Council to... more ››
November 20, 2012
U.S. Can Profit from China's Transition
Donald Gross, RealClearWorld
China's current political transition offers Washington a window of opportunity to improve relations with Beijing. Rather than risk a continuing downward spiral in the critical U.S.-China relationship, President Barack Obama must... more ››