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U.S. Weighs Bold Intervention in Syria - Sanger & Schmitt, New York Times
Building a New and Free Egypt - Mohammed Morsi, Time
'No' to a Palestinian State - Brett Schaefer & James Phillips, National Review
'Yes' to a Palestinian State - Meir Javedanfar, Times of Israel
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Is Syria the Start of France's Reemergence? - Martin Michelot, GMF
Likud Isn't Extremist, It's Realist - Michael Freund, Jerusalem Post
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South Asia's Dangerous Arms Race - Paul Bracken, The Diplomat
U.S. Military Should Let Women Fight - Megan MacKenzie, Foreign Affairs
This Time, Climate Talks Must Count - Arvind Jasrotia, Indian Express
Fall of Russia's Pilots and Cosmonauts - Alexey Eremenko, RIA Novosti

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Palestine Theatrics at the UN - The Guardian
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