November 29, 2012

Inside Congo's City of Terror

William Lloyd George, The Daily Beast

AP Photo

It was supposed to be the press conference that would clear the air and inform the residents of Goma, the second-largest city in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), what the rebels would do next. On Tuesday, sitting in front of a room full of journalists in an upscale hotel on the Congo-Rwanda border, rebel leader Bishop Jean-Marie Runiga said his group—called M23—would not leave Goma until President Joseph Kabila met a list of demands, including the release of all political prisoners. It was a statement that completely contradicted recent comments from the rebel’s military chief, Sulatni Mukenga, who had unconditionally promised to regional governments that M23 would soon leave Goma.‬

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Before rebels known as M23 split up Congo any further, the United Nations must help this giant African nation find a unifying identity. The same goes for Rwanda. more ››