November 30, 2012

China's Military Crossroads

Brahma Chellaney, Japan Times

AP Photo

At a time when China's economy and society are under considerable strain and the country is embroiled in increasingly tense border disputes with its neighbors, the relatively peaceful once-in-a-decade political transition in Beijing has helped deflect attention from the underlying turbulence in the Chinese system.

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November 18, 2012
Don't Expect a Chinese Gorbachev
Wenran Jiang, Ottawa Citizen
Rather than expecting a Chinese Gorbachev who will take China on a path to western-style democracy, as many in the West tend to at the time of China’s leadership change, it’s best to let the Chinese society manage its... more ››
November 18, 2012
Modernized China Would Be a Place to Fear
DJ Taylor, The Independent
Europe's teetering economy could be toppled in the rush by a liberalised new generation to embrace the standards of the West. more ››
November 17, 2012
Under Xi, Will China Really Change?
Deccan Chronicle
The economic rise of China, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China pursuing a vigorous model of state capitalism relying heavily on an export-led model of growth, has made millions of people reasonably well off in a... more ››
November 17, 2012
China's Rosy View of the U.S.
Jia Lynn Yang, Washington Post
The signs of America’s decline and China’s rise seem to be everywhere: The U.S. middle class is stagnating while China’s continues its meteoric ascent. Our manufacturing sector has been eclipsed by Chinese... more ››
November 19, 2012
Will Australia Side with China?
John Lee, World Affairs Journal
In August 2012, Australian professor Hugh White released The China Choice: Why America Should Share Power. White argues that America—unchallenged as the preeminent power in Asia since the Second World War—now has three basic... more ››