December 2, 2012

China's Strange Prejudice Against AIDS Patients

Olga Khazan, Washington Post

AP Photo

China’s government has actually attempted to quell rumors that AIDS can be transferred through everyday contact and has publicly vowed to fight discrimination. Recently selected leader Xi Jinping visited a group of people living with HIV in Beijing on Friday and urged society to “to light their life with love.” Regardless, many Chinese people continue to — at times irrationally — fear the disease.

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November 19, 2012
China's Nasty Organ Transplant Policy
Peter Worthington, Toronto Sun
Transplants are big business. In China, a new heart costs up to $160,000, kidneys $60,000, a liver $30,000. And while the wait time for a kidney transplant in Canada is up to three years, in China the wait is one or two weeks. ... more ››
November 19, 2012
Japan Is Free-Riding on American Might
Doug Bandow, National Interest
Despite persistent frustration in Okinawa over the extraordinary burden created by the large American military presence, the DPJ also repudiated its promise to reduce the U.S. footprint there. Tokyo simply abandoned Okinawans to... more ››
November 19, 2012
China Threatens Burma Reforms
Josh Gordon, Myanmar Times
The US has lifted or suspended most of its economic sanctions. This, in turn, paves the way for aid, investment and advice from the US, its allies, and multilateral financial institutions. For US and Western firms Myanmar holds... more ››
November 19, 2012
China's Anti-Reformers Take Over
Gordon Chang, Forbes
On Thursday, China’s Communist Party revealed its leadership lineup for the next five years as seven men, most of whom oppose reform, walked out from behind a curtain in Beijing. If they fail to restructure the Chinese... more ››
November 20, 2012
U.S. Asia Pivot Slowed by Reality
The National
The South-east Asia tour will be welcomed by some, and seen as an implicit threat by others. As the US president meets Asian leaders in Cambodia today at the East Asia Summit, his presence will be seen as a counterbalance to... more ››