RealClearWorld Evening Edition

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Bashar al-Assad Faces Life or Death Choice - Victor Kotsev, Asia Times
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RealClearWorld Morning Edition

Is Syria Entering the Final Act or a New Phase? - Tony Karon, Time
Syria's Chemical Weapons Nightmare - Dina Esfandiary, The Diplomat
Merkel Is the World's Master Politician - Michael Fry, The Scotsman
A Big Idea to Juice Europe, U.S. Economies - David Ignatius, Wash Post
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America Was the China of the 19th Century - Charles Morris, Foreign Policy
If Not Two States, Then One - Saree Makdisi, New York Times
Japan's Voters Ready to Make Right Turn - Todd Crowell, RealClearWorld
Netanyahu: Rush Limbaugh of Leaders - Yael Wissner-Levy, Times of Israel
Israel's Strategic Dilemma - Stefano Casertano, The European
Get Ready for More Mideast Violence - Thomas Donnelly, Weekly Standard
Culture Key to a Nation's Success - William Ratliff, Defining Ideas
U.S.-China Drone Race Heats Up - Michael Richardson, Japan Times
Europe's Expanding Court of Justice - Roland Flamini, World Affairs Journal

RealClearWorld Editorials

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