December 6, 2012

Why Obama Scares Europe

Pawel Swieboda, Foreign Affairs

AP Photo

Central and Eastern Europe feels abandoned by the United States.

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December 1, 2012
Where Is Europe's Charismatic Leader?
Federico Castiglioni, The European
Europe's technocrats might solve the economic conundrum, but they cannot restore trust between Europe and its citizens. We need a charismatic, democratic leader before illiberal and nationalistic forces gain ground. more ››
November 27, 2012
Mixed Message from Catalonia
Irish Times
There is one clear consequence from the otherwise confusing outcome of Sunday’s elections to the autonomous parliament of Catalonia: there will be continuing instability in a key region of Spain. This is bad news for... more ››
November 27, 2012
A New Dawn for Greece? Not So Fast
Jeremy Warner, Daily Telegraph
Why it is that Greek premiers keep on announcing new dawns when they know that things are about to get even worse is a source of complete mystery to me. Hope springs eternal, I guess. more ››
November 28, 2012
It's Time to Write Off Some Greek Debt
Business Day
With Greece having now done its bit by inflicting severe pain on itself at considerable political risk, and the German election only a matter of months away, a meaningful debt write-off is surely the essential next step. more ››
Europe’s leaders have reached Plan C in their efforts to rescue Greece. Unfortunately, it lacks a crucial element also absent in Plans A and B: adequate debt relief. more ››