December 8, 2012

Assad Must Not Cross the Red Line

Gulf News, Gulf News

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There are growing signs from both inside and outside Syria that the end game in the 21-month long bloody civil war is entering its final stages. A largely unified Syrian opposition, aided by the acquisition of more sophisticated weaponry from external sources, has seen them make gains and advance in the region around Damascus.

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December 6, 2012
Is Syria Entering the Final Act or a New Phase?
Tony Karon, Time
The regime is now using air strikes and artillery against insurgent neighborhoods in its own capital, having lost control of vast swathes of northern and eastern Syria. Assad had refrained from using stocks of weapons of mass... more ››
December 8, 2012
What Will Obama Do About Syria's WMD?
Fred Kaplan, Slate
President Obama has warned the Syrian government that any use of chemical weapons in its ongoing civil war would “cross a red line.” Two questions come to mind: What will Obama (and other world leaders) do if the line is... more ››
December 7, 2012
White Phosphorous and Red Lines
Patrick Brennan, The Corner
A video has surfaced from the Syrian opposition which appears to show a regime helicopter (an Mi-24 Hind) dropping white-phosphorous bombs, which are clearly banned by international law as offensive weapons. more ››
December 4, 2012
Why Draw the Line at Chemical Weapons?
Max Boot, Contentions
  I am not objecting to the tough stance the administration is taking on chemical weapons use by the Syrian regime. I just wish its outrage–combined with the willingness to act–extended to all the other horrifying and... more ››