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The Brotherhood Takes Charge - Gebauer, Steinvorth & Windfuhr, Spiegel
West Has Vital Interest in Egypt's Struggle - Liam Fox, The Spectator
U.S. Fondness for China Enables North Korea - Christian Whiton, Fox News
American Decline and the Liberal Order - Ali Wyne, The National Interest
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Christians Victims of Arab Spring - Ghaffar Hussain, The Commentator
China Focus Misses Other Asia Hot Spots - Steven Metz, WP Review
The Roots of Global Anti-Americanism - Murtaza Hussain, Al Jazeera

RealClearWorld Morning Edition

Can God Save Egypt? - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
From One Egyptian Autocracy to Another - Michael Bell, Globe and Mail
Angela Merkel: Europe's Accountant - Hammerstein & Pfister, Der Spiegel
Is China's Navy Eyeing the Atlantic? - James Holmes, The Diplomat
Time to End the Cuban Embargo - Doug Bandow, The National Interest
Obama Alienates Both Sides in Syria - Aaron Zelin, Foreign Policy
France's Socialists More Bark than Bite - Chris Caldwell, Weekly Standard
Greece: The Austerity Laboratory - Daniel Trilling, New Statesman
Argentina's Debt Conundrum - Eduardo Levy Yeyati, Project Syndicate
Venezuela's Woes Will Outlive Chavez - Francisco Toro, The New Republic
United Ireland Is Now But a Fantasy - Ruth Dudley Edwards, Telegraph
Turkey Is No Model for Arab Spring - Soner Cagaptay, The Atlantic
Nexen Deal Proves Harper Is China's Plaything - Heather Mallick, The Star
Nexen Controversy Well-Played by Harper - Ian MacDonald, Ottawa Citizen
Why People Burn Themselves to Death - Kent Sepkowitz, Daily Beast

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North Korea's Latest Publicity Stunt - The Economist
Mr. Berlusconi's Shameless Return - New York Times
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Axis of Evil Alive and Well - Con Coughlin, Telegraph Blogs
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