December 13, 2012

Assad Needs to Be Pushed Out

Indian Express, Indian Express

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The United States’s formal recognition of a coalition of Syrian opposition groups as the legitimate representative of the country’s people marks a watershed moment in the bloody civil war. On the eve of an international conference in Marrakech, President Barack Obama said the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces was now inclusive, reflective and representative enough for the US to take this “big step”. The move is likely to bolster the morale of the rebels, but it also seeks to isolate extremist factions, such as Jabhat al-Nusra, a militant group Washington has designated a terrorist organisation. However, it does not come with a commitment to offer military support to the rebels, keeping the US decidedly on the sidelines of the...

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December 8, 2012
Assad Must Not Cross the Red Line
Gulf News
There are growing signs from both inside and outside Syria that the end game in the 21-month long bloody civil war is entering its final stages. A largely unified Syrian opposition, aided by the acquisition of more sophisticated... more ››
December 6, 2012
Is Syria Entering the Final Act or a New Phase?
Tony Karon, Time
The regime is now using air strikes and artillery against insurgent neighborhoods in its own capital, having lost control of vast swathes of northern and eastern Syria. Assad had refrained from using stocks of weapons of mass... more ››
December 10, 2012
Inside Syria's Crumbling, Radicalizing Army
Mike Giglio, The Daily Beast
As Assad’s army weakens, rebels and analysts warn, it is also becoming more extreme in its fight for survival. And two of the grimmest scenarios observers have long feared—that Islamic extremism could come to dominate... more ››
December 2, 2012
Redrawing the Mideast Map
Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Syria is the keystone of the Middle East. If and how it cracks apart could recast this entire region. The borders of Syria have been fixed ever since the British and French colonial powers carved up the Arab provinces of the... more ››
December 2, 2012
Steep Price of U.S. Disengagement from Iraq
Max Boot, Commentary
Iraq’s experience once again shows that ending a “war” on our terms is not so simple as pulling out the troops. Indeed, pulling out the troops may well lead to a bigger war–not only in Iraq, it turns out, but in Syria as... more ››