December 13, 2012

Britain's Great Power Hangover

Gideon Rachman, The World Today

AP Photo

Britain continues to search for a post-imperial role.

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December 8, 2012
Sectarianism Lives on in Ireland
The Independent
Hillary Clinton's visit to Northern Ireland was partly designed as a lap of honour. The Clintons did play important parts in the peace process and are indeed to be ranked among the architects of the newly agreed institutions. But... more ››
December 8, 2012
U.S. Should Support Scottish Independence
Alex Salmond, Wash Post
When the United Nations was formed at the end of World War II, its membership comprised barely 50 independent countries. Today that number has grown to almost 200 — a sure sign that the right to democratic self-determination... more ››
December 7, 2012
Ireland: From Crisis to ... What?
European Council on Foreign Relations
  Since the fatal decision to bail out Irish banks in September 2008 and thus socialise bank debt, Ireland has found itself in the throes of multiple crises: banking, public finance, economic and reputational. Although the... more ››
“BRITAIN does not dream of some cosy, isolated existence on the fringes of the European Community,” asserted Margaret Thatcher in 1988. Now, increasingly, it does. Opinion polls show that most Britons are in favour of leaving... more ››
Britain has never been too keen on tying the knot with Europe. It sat aside in the 1950s as Germany, France, Italy and the Benelux countries forged a single market in coal and steel, which became a broader common market. It... more ››