December 13, 2012

Who Would Succeed Hugo Chavez?

Simeon Tegel, Global Post

AP Photo

As Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez recovers in a Havana hospital from his fourth cancer operation in 18 months, the race to succeed him has already begun back in his divided homeland.

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December 11, 2012
Hugo Chavez's Failed Legacy
Washington Post
In 14 years in power, Mr. Chavez has thoroughly wrecked what was once Latin America’s richest country and one of its most enduring democracies. Now, thanks to his dishonesty about his health, he could create a vacuum in... more ››
December 12, 2012
Venezuela's Woes Will Outlive Chavez
Francisco Toro, The New Republic
Should Chavez leave the presidency before 2017—a near certainty, in light of his speech on Saturday—the constitution calls for new elections to be held within 30 calendar days. Chavez has stressed that, should he be... more ››
December 10, 2012
Chavismo After Chavez
Ben Cohen, Commentary Magazine
“Free, free, totally free,” Hugo Chavez bellowed at reporters during a July 9 press conference in Caracas, when asked about the treatment he’d been undergoing in Cuba for the cancer he was diagnozed with one year earlier. ... more ››
December 10, 2012
Outlines of Venezuela After Chavez
John Rathbone, The World
2013 may well be the year that biology trumps ideology – if not in attitudes to global warming (although perhaps that too) then in the increasing actuarial possibilities that both Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez will soon die. ... more ››