December 14, 2012

Shredding the Soul of Egypt

Waleed Aly, Sydney Morning Herald

AP Photo

AT THE heart of every revolution is a struggle for the nation's soul. And at present, Egypt's soul is on the verge of being torn to shreds. Egyptians are scheduled to go to the polls on Saturday to vote on a new constitution in what should be a historic, seminal day for a new post-revolutionary nation.

Instead, Egypt is looking at a disaster visible to all but the most incurable optimist.

Consider what is likely to happen. A nation of people, a third of whom are illiterate, will be asked to vote on a constitution running to 236 articles they haven't been given the time to read. If last year's referendum on an interim constitution is any guide, the constitution will pass. But voter turnout will be low, particularly if Egyptian liberals and Mubarak loyalists decide to...

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