December 14, 2012

The Culture Wars Come to Great Britain

Fraser Nelson, Daily Telegraph

AP Photo

I suspect that, by now, even Cameron is wondering if this has not all spun out of control. It's perfectly easy to see his original logic. As a matter of principle, he believes in marriage and would like it to be accessible to everyone. If the Unitarian Church and certain strands of Judaism want to marry gay couples on their premises, then why should government stand in their way? For the record, I quite agree. Religious freedom in Britain ought to be universal, extended to the handful of churches or synagogues who want same-sex marriage. To lift the ban ought to be a technical issue, an amendment to the Civil Partnership Act 2004 requiring no fanfare. But this time, there has been not just a fanfare, but the drumbeat of war. Nick Clegg released the text of a speech in which he...

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