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U.S. Arms to Allies Hint at Iran Strategy - Rowan Scarborough, Wash Times
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Obama's Year of Reckoning on Iran - Edward Luce, Financial Times
Shinzo Abe's Sumo-Sized Comeback in Japan - The Economist
Tokyo to Take a Tougher Line with China - John Lee, New York Times
Don't Hold Your Breath for Change in Japan - Hannah Beech, Time
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West Will Pay a Price for Backing Political Islam - Farid Zahran, NOW
Syria's Alawites Caught in the Middle - Hassan Hassan, The National
Is Iron Dome Anti-Peace? - Barry Rubin, Jerusalem Post
Pakistan's Normalized Fanaticism - Anita Joshua, The Hindu
Attack Dog Methods Bite Tony Abbott - Peter Hartcher, Sydney Morning Hld

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A Hollow Victory for Morsi - The Daily Star
LDP Back in the Saddle Again - Japan Times
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