December 18, 2012

Only Settlement in Syria Is for Assad to Exit

The National, The National

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Is Syria once again at a tipping point? That depends on many factors, not least of which is the ability for opposition forces to continue their assault on Bashar Al Assad's power. Whether the Syrian opposition will finally break the deadlock and achieve a political or military solution depends as much on events on the ground as on the support emanating from capitals around the world.

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December 5, 2012
Is Russia About to Ditch Syria? Does It Matter?
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December 14, 2012
Assad's Chemical Card
Tony Badran, NOW Lebanon
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December 18, 2012
After Assad Falls, What Then?
Haytham Manna, The Guardian
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December 10, 2012
Obama's Shifting 'Red Line'
Michael Weiss, NOW Lebanon
Judging by his old "red line" on Syria, the one that was convenient until it wasn't, President Obama's "calculus" with respect to the humanitarian calamity in Syria has changed multiple times already. In August he said this:... more ››