December 19, 2012

China Seeks to Create Facts in the Air

Frank Ching, China Post

AP Photo

China's goal at this stage, it appears, is to force Japan to accept some kind of "joint administration" of the islands. Of course, Japan's acceptance of such a "new reality" will mean an acknowledgement that it no longer exercises effective control over the islands. From China's perspective, that will mean that the United States will lose its rationale of defending the islands under its security treaty with Japan since they will no longer be under Japanese administration. In the long run China's goal is to drive a wedge between Japan and the United States. China regards the United States as an external power and one that should not interpose itself between China and other the countries in Asia. The new government of Shinzo Abe will have a difficult job, revitalizing the country,...

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December 10, 2012
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December 18, 2012
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