December 19, 2012

Israel Building Settlements Out of Spite

Haaretz, Haaretz

AP Photo

The madness of construction in the territories is blinding the government to the threat to Israel and its citizens that the loss of our country's few friends represents.

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December 10, 2012
Israel's Only Alternative
Barry Rubin, Jerusalem Post
By essentially unilaterally declaring the existence of an Arab Palestine, the world has abrogated the Oslo accords. more ››
December 6, 2012
Merkel, Netanyahu Play Down Differences
Severin Weiland, Der Spiegel
Despite recent differences between Germany and Israel over settlement construction plans on the West Bank, Angela Merkel and Benjamin Netanyahu pledged friendship on Thursday in Berlin. They have, said the chancellor, agreed to... more ››
December 6, 2012
If Not Two States, Then One
Saree Makdisi, New York Times
Although it is sometimes misleadingly referred to as “disputed” or “controversial,” settlement construction in E1 is no more and no less of a contravention of international law than settlement construction... more ››
December 6, 2012
Israel's Strategic Dilemma
Stefano Casertano, The European
Of course Palestinians have a moral right to statehood - but their wish will not be fulfilled until we engage Israel's strategic security concerns. The peace process in the Middle East demands a global solution. more ››
December 6, 2012
Israel Steps Over the Line
Irish Times
The forlorn hope that Israel would see the sense of not retaliating over the Palestinian UN statehood vote has been all too swiftly disabused. Restraint and prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu are not, it seems, compatible. Not... more ››