RealClearWorld Evening Edition

Neocons Gear Up to Smear Chuck Hagel - Robert Wright, The Atlantic
Don't Send Chuck Hagel Back to Washington - Rich Lowry, Politico
Yet Another Offer Iran Will Likely Refuse - Barbara Slavin, Al Monitor
Deep Divisions as Egypt's Second Vote Nears - Ashraf Khalil, Time
Pakistan's Mullahs Help Keep Polio Alive - Sami Yousafzai, Daily Beast
Korea's New President Must Challenge N. Korea - Sung-Yoon Lee, NYT
Russia Won't Change Its Position on Syria - Fyodor Lukyanov, RiGA
Tensions Are Growing Between EU, Russia - Schepp & Schult, Der Spiegel
Berlusconi's Fate Lies in Lombardy, the Ohio of Italy - The Economist
Cameron's Backbenchers Are Selfish Amateurs - Peter Oborne, Telegraph

RealClearWorld Morning Edition

The Geopolitics of Shale Gas - Robert Kaplan, Stratfor
A Tipping Point for Syria's Assad - P.J. Crowley, The Daily Beast
Why Is Israel on a Settlement Spree? - Michael Koplow, The Atlantic
Rise of New Nationalism in Japan - Toshio Nishi, Defining Ideas
Britain Must Vote on Europe - Timothy Garton Ash, The Guardian
U.S. Made a Big Mess in Libya - Mary Fitzgerald & Umar Khan, Foreign Policy
Europe vs. Religious Freedom - Glendon & al-Hibri, National Interest
How the Zetas Took Monterrey - Steven Dudley, InSight Crime
What Follows Hugo Chavez? - Vanessa Neumann, Weekly Standard
Why Is Britain Grabbing Antarctica? - Klaus Dodds, Daily Telegraph
A Simplistic View of Egypt, Turkey - Haroon Siddiqui, Toronto Star
Will Pakistan Play Ball in Afghanistan? - Robert Dreyfuss, The Diplomat
Berlusconi's Plan to Regain Power - Hans-Jurgen Schlamp, Der Spiegel
S. America a New Focus for Obama - Andres Oppenheimer, Miami Herald
India's Police Must Get Tougher on Rape - B Raman, Outlook India

RealClearWorld Editorials

The Japan Pivot - The Hindu
A Homecoming in South Korea - The Economist
Britain Heads for the Exits in Afghanistan - Daily Telegraph
Finally Some Answers on Benghazi - New York Times

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